The Most Powerful Word

What one word do you think is powerful enough to influence others in your written and verbal communications? Most would think that the word is “please” but really the word is “because”. The word “because” is even more powerful in virtual teams because the recipient of the communication now feels that they understand the true reason behind the request, in other words, they have formed a connection. If you use the word “because” consistently in your communication to increase influence, then you will be a more effective leader.

An example, of this type of communication would be, “Betty, I need to have the financials by Tuesday because I want to review the results by Wednesday which is prior to the Board’s meeting”.  You might argue that you should not need a reason to obtain something that should be given to you on a timely basis, however, what you are really after is the power of being influential.

With constant rapid change around us and our resources not sitting in the same geo location as us, it is important to make sure that we communicate as effectively as possible by making connections for others because that is what is going to get us to move the levers quickly and drive towards better results. (From Influencing Virtual Teams by Hassan Osman).

Any thoughts around using the word because in your communication? Have you used it and what results have you seen as a result of it?

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As director for a Fortune 500 company, adjunct professor at various colleges, and employee of other various medium and large corporations, Perla Sierra has worked with individuals in the area of self-development. Her reflection on how business has changed in the last 37 years and how some people have not changed to keep up with the new business environment is a passion that she pursues.

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