Move or Be Moved

I was on my 5am routine morning walk when I saw an object in the middle of the road. At a distance, it looked like a motorcycle but not quite sure what it was. As I walked towards the object, the perspective of the object and the location changed. Things became into clearer focus as I got closer and closer to the object. Once close enough to identify the object, it was really a tree which had always been there by the side of the road on the curb. I have walked this path many times and for many years and never noticed the tree nor thought it was something in the middle of the road.

Applying this to the workplace and what is prevalent in today’s environment, how many times do you see things in your way which really are not? How many things are there today that you have not noticed because you were not paying attention? Whether you pay attention or not, change is in your workplace. How can you be secure in your role or life with constant change? The answer to me is that we can become more secure by making a choice to refining yourself thereby increasing your ROIY (return on investment in Yourself).  Even the smallest investments of time in self-improvements can make a difference.

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Do not reproduce without the written permission from Perla Sierra

Do not reproduce without the written permission from Perla Sierra

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As director for a Fortune 500 company, adjunct professor at various colleges, and employee of other various medium and large corporations, Perla Sierra has worked with individuals in the area of self-development. Her reflection on how business has changed in the last 37 years and how some people have not changed to keep up with the new business environment is a passion that she pursues.

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