Asking the Right Questions

What is the right question to ask-

Business metrics are everywhere. Metrics are special numbers that help us ask and answer the right questions. Metrics are so powerful that we can impact them by just changing a business process. Think about this, one change in a business process can impact a metric. Everything is measured and this is great because without it we would not know how effective an organization is. There are many metrics that businesses look at from a financial, operational, people, and risk perspectives. Business leaders are paying a lot of attention to metrics because they tell the story.

With this in mind, how can we as either individual contributors or leaders help companies improve the metrics? One place to start would be by asking ourselves: What change am I able to make in a business process right now that could increase revenue, maximize productivity or reduce risk? As an employee, by taking ownership of your business process(es) and looking to improve it not only will impact your employer but also says a lot about you as a person and what you are willing to do to make your company successful.

Transformation & Changes Not All Bad

Fellow Frogs, don’t look at transformation and changes as negative. Transformation and Changes are currently happening and will continue to happen no matter what. Instead, use the changes to fuel your inner FROG.  Take a few minutes to read my article on finance transformation even though it is applicable to other types of transformations as well. The digitalization of business models will lead us to big changes in the way business is conducted.


Personal Analytics on Myself (POM)

Invest the time to validate the vision you have set for yourself. If your own self-vision is not clear to you then it will not be clear to others and their perceptions of you will be clouded as well. Small investments in yourself will yield big benefits, but you must invest the time in learning, reflection, and setting a clear path for yourself.  Perla Sierra, Author, Are You A FROG?Time for POM

Move or Be Moved

I was on my 5am routine morning walk when I saw an object in the middle of the road. At a distance, it looked like a motorcycle but not quite sure what it was. As I walked towards the object, the perspective of the object and the location changed. Things became into clearer focus as I got closer and closer to the object. Once close enough to identify the object, it was really a tree which had always been there by the side of the road on the curb. I have walked this path many times and for many years and never noticed the tree nor thought it was something in the middle of the road.

Applying this to the workplace and what is prevalent in today’s environment, how many times do you see things in your way which really are not? How many things are there today that you have not noticed because you were not paying attention? Whether you pay attention or not, change is in your workplace. How can you be secure in your role or life with constant change? The answer to me is that we can become more secure by making a choice to refining yourself thereby increasing your ROIY (return on investment in Yourself).  Even the smallest investments of time in self-improvements can make a difference.

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Do not reproduce without the written permission from Perla Sierra

Do not reproduce without the written permission from Perla Sierra


Let’s face it, collaboration is key in today’s workplace. Most workplace failures are as a result of inadequate collaboration. There are more tools today than there have been in the past. Tools such as Sharepoint, OneNote, VideoConferencing, and Mobile Apps all facilitate collaboration across teams and geographic lines. I am interested in hearing from you as to why you think there is inadequate collaboration in today’s environment even with the availability of these tools? Could it be that we rely on these tools as the sole means of collaboration?  I would love to hear what others are experiencing in this area. How can you as an individual strengthen your collaboration skills to enhance your communication with others and ensure success in your endeavors?

The Most Powerful Word

What one word do you think is powerful enough to influence others in your written and verbal communications? Most would think that the word is “please” but really the word is “because”. The word “because” is even more powerful in virtual teams because the recipient of the communication now feels that they understand the true reason behind the request, in other words, they have formed a connection. If you use the word “because” consistently in your communication to increase influence, then you will be a more effective leader.

An example, of this type of communication would be, “Betty, I need to have the financials by Tuesday because I want to review the results by Wednesday which is prior to the Board’s meeting”.  You might argue that you should not need a reason to obtain something that should be given to you on a timely basis, however, what you are really after is the power of being influential.

With constant rapid change around us and our resources not sitting in the same geo location as us, it is important to make sure that we communicate as effectively as possible by making connections for others because that is what is going to get us to move the levers quickly and drive towards better results. (From Influencing Virtual Teams by Hassan Osman).

Any thoughts around using the word because in your communication? Have you used it and what results have you seen as a result of it?