Let’s face it, collaboration is key in today’s workplace. Most workplace failures are as a result of inadequate collaboration. There are more tools today than there have been in the past. Tools such as Sharepoint, OneNote, VideoConferencing, and Mobile Apps all facilitate collaboration across teams and geographic lines. I am interested in hearing from you as to why you think there is inadequate collaboration in today’s environment even with the availability of these tools? Could it be that we rely on these tools as the sole means of collaboration?  I would love to hear what others are experiencing in this area. How can you as an individual strengthen your collaboration skills to enhance your communication with others and ensure success in your endeavors?

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As director for a Fortune 500 company, adjunct professor at various colleges, and employee of other various medium and large corporations, Perla Sierra has worked with individuals in the area of self-development. Her reflection on how business has changed in the last 37 years and how some people have not changed to keep up with the new business environment is a passion that she pursues.

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