Asking the Right Questions

What is the right question to ask-

Business metrics are everywhere. Metrics are special numbers that help us ask and answer the right questions. Metrics are so powerful that we can impact them by just changing a business process. Think about this, one change in a business process can impact a metric. Everything is measured and this is great because without it we would not know how effective an organization is. There are many metrics that businesses look at from a financial, operational, people, and risk perspectives. Business leaders are paying a lot of attention to metrics because they tell the story.

With this in mind, how can we as either individual contributors or leaders help companies improve the metrics? One place to start would be by asking ourselves: What change am I able to make in a business process right now that could increase revenue, maximize productivity or reduce risk? As an employee, by taking ownership of your business process(es) and looking to improve it not only will impact your employer but also says a lot about you as a person and what you are willing to do to make your company successful.

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As director for a Fortune 500 company, adjunct professor at various colleges, and employee of other various medium and large corporations, Perla Sierra has worked with individuals in the area of self-development. Her reflection on how business has changed in the last 37 years and how some people have not changed to keep up with the new business environment is a passion that she pursues.

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